Evgeniy Onegin lives in grand style: balls, receptions, theater premieres and other entertainment that the capital can offer a young man. But social life has long tired him, so he perceives the news of the illness of his uncle living in the village as an opportunity to escape from the disgusting world. However, having reached the estate, Onegin learns about the death of a relative, which, however, does not upset Evgeniy too much. His financial affairs are very sad, and his uncle is rich and has no other heirs. Onegin locks himself in the estate, shuns his neighbors, who very soon begin to call him an eccentric among themselves. Evgeniy lives in aimless solitude until the owner, who has returned from abroad, appears at the neighboring estate - a young, enthusiastic Lenskiy, not yet satiated with life, who introduces Evgeniy to the sisters Tatyana and Olga.
2024, Russia, 141 min., 12+
Sarik Andreasyan
Viktor Dobronravov, Alyona Khmelnitskaya, Liza Moryak, Denis Prytkovv, Tanya Sabinova
drama, romance

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